2019 Chili Mac MRE Ready To Eat Meal Reduced Sodium by Sopakco

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Chili Mac in reduced sodium
  • Meal includes a prepared meal, crackers, fruit-flavored jelly (apple and grape), Tootsie Roll, seasonings (salt and pepper), napkins, utensils and flameless heater.
  • MRE Full Meals are packed with calories to give you the energy you need in an emergency situation. They also have a shelf life of up to 5 years. These are a great addition to your bug out bag or 72-hour kit with a taste that you'll love.
  • For over sixty years SOPAKCO has been a dynamic participant in the military ration program, by working closely with the Department of Defense, and the commercial packaging industries
  • These MREs are perfect for a quick meal when you’re in a hurry, or in case of an emergency or natural disaster. Completely Ready to Eat, whether heated by Flameless Heater or just eaten straight out of the package. MREs are sure to give you the nutrients and calories you need to keep moving regardless of any situation.
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Manufacturer Sopakco
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